How to choose the right pajamas for your baby in summer

How to choose the right pajamas for your baby in summer

I worry about baby every day. It ’s a hard job to pick a sleeping bag or pajamas for the baby in summer. It ’s too thick to be stuffy and too thin to be cold. It is both breathable and warm. How to choose your baby ’s sleeping bag is the best concerns. Babies are not like adults. Baby’s skin is tender and it is easy to have skin symptoms such as allergies due to wearing poor quality clothes. Moreover, most babies are active and wear too much to affect the stretch of their limbs. Too little to wear is afraid of freezing. For your baby to have a good sleep, Yingshi tells you how to choose your baby’s sleeping bag and pajamas in summer:

How to choose the right pajamas for your baby in summer

First: Fabric
There are many types of baby sleeping bag and pajamas fabrics, such as cotton and silk. The cotton is soft and comfortable, it has good sweat absorption and breathability, less irritation to the baby’s skin, and good heat retention. Silk is relatively smooth and delicate. Silk is a protein fiber and contains amino acids that are beneficial to the human body. It can improve blood circulation, help the skin maintain metabolism, keep the skin smooth and moisturized and it is not easy to wrinkle. It is recommended to choose a cotton warm sleeping bag pajamas in winter and silk in summer.

Second: Look at the texture
The baby’s skin is relatively delicate. Try to use a softer pajamas and the baby is more active during the day. At night, you should relax your nervous body. The soft clothes help your baby sleep. On the contrary, if you wear clothes with rough and soft texture, it will affect the baby’s sleep quality and may cause damage to the baby’s skin.

Third: Looseness
Looseness is also a very important reference. You cannot choose too tight and uncomfortable, and you cannot choose too loose and it will not keep warm. Appropriately loose clothing is convenient for young children’s physical activity, stretching the body, it can relax the muscles fully and help the baby sleep. But too loose is not good, closeness is not good, it is easy to catch cold. If you wear tight clothes, your baby will feel uncomfortable when restrained. The muscles that have been strained for a day will not relax when sleeping and the baby’s sleep quality will be seriously reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a moderately loose sleeping bag.

Fourth: Color
Baby clothes on the market are various and colorful. What color should I choose? Light-colored and bright-colored clothes have bright colors and are suitable for babies. They give a warm and comfortable feeling and help the baby to sleep. On the contrary, if the clothes are dim and dull, it will give people a feeling of depression and discomfort, which is not suitable for the baby, which may affect the baby’s mood and sleep quality. Babies are very sensitive to color and are naturally interested in bright and bright things, so it is recommended to choose a light-colored and bright-colored sleeping bag pajamas suitable for your baby.

Fifth: Observe workmanship
Learn to observe the details and see if the workmanship is fine and you can roughly gauge the quality of this dress. Too many threads, not strong, etc. are all substandard workmanship. Special consideration should be given to the parts that often come into contact with the baby. Do not try to buy some cheap but substandard quality clothes to babies. The baby’s resistance is weak, which may cause skin discomfort and allergies.

Moms and dads should carefully select the sleeping bag and pajamas, and pay attention to the small details mentioned above. Because whether you are a mom or dad or baby, a good sleep quality can ensure health. Sleeping bag pajamas can effectively prevent the baby from kicking the quilt and causing the cold, creating a safe sleeping environment and both the baby and parents can sleep more safely. I’ve been using Ying’s sleeping bag and pajamas and bought seven or eight pieces for my baby. I feel that Ying’s is very good. The fabric is really soft, breathable and not sweaty, and the baby sleeps very well after wearing it, if you’re interested with baby pajamas costume, just go to wowpajamas to get it.