black widow marvel costume

The worst cosplay of Halloween this year: Black Widow who fell off the cliff! Netizen: Are you swollen?

Today is Halloween, and the expected Halloween in 2019 is here again!

Are there any characters you like to fail? Do you hope that one day you can become the character you like in your heart? Now is the chance! Just on this Halloween night, you can dress yourself up as your favorite character.

black widow marvel costume

However, there are often large-scale cosplay scenes that are almost mistaken for real characters. Of course, there are also large “rollover” scenes. Let’s follow Xiaobian to take a look at the worst cosplay on Halloween this year. What do you want to say at this moment?

The copy is attached with “Black Widow who fell off the cliff”!

black widow marvel costume

Fans who have watched the end of the Marvel movie should remember that in order to get the soul gem at all costs, the widow jumped off the cliff to sacrifice herself. This is an eternal transaction and cannot be resurrected!

Of course, the movie plot is like this, but at the Halloween scene, the widow who fell off the cliff can still be “resurrected”? No, the black widow in a wheelchair appeared! Netizens’ comments are also crazy: is the food under the cliff so good? Or did you just swell? Admire the brains of fans!

Many of the black widow’s cosplay returns to previous years are still very successful. Of course, “Black Widow who fell off the cliff” Natasha is also unique!

black widow marvel costume

Many fans have restored the appearance of widow sister, and they still have the unanimous approval of the fans. The similarity is very high!

In addition to the black widow’s cosplay, this Halloween, many other Marvel superhero characters also have many fans, wearing their favorite character costume props!

black widow marvel costume

Among them, Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Cox turned into a funny Halloween transformation, the two classic roles were swapped, Sugar Dom turned into Daredevil, Charlie Cox turned into Rocky, so cute! There is also a foursome for Marvel on Halloween, Zawe becomes a shock team, Eddie becomes a US team and so on!

Have you participated in Halloween this year?