black widow cosplay

How to cosplay as black widow infinity war at Halloween

Naturally, it is impossible to tell about all the details of creating cosplay in one review, so we advise you to rely on various tutorials when creating cosplay, which will more fully tell you about areas of interest to you.

black widow cosplay

We spoke to you here about a very bulky accessory, but if you simply have to wear badges, pins, specific clips for a particular hairstyle, there are very often tutorials very simple to follow on Youtube, DIY or even specialized videos that will guide you. But how to cosplay as black widow infinity war at Halloween?

Comfort, a very important element to take into account

Of all the problems that we have stated, this one is undoubtedly the most important!

Your cosplay, you will have to wear it sometimes for ten hours in a place where it is difficult to change or even to rest a few minutes out of sight. Also, when designing your costume, it should not be forgotten that you must be able to put on it alone or with a minimum of help and that it must be comfortable.

black widow cosplay

At the beginning of the article, we told you about the fact that we abandoned the harlequin version of my costume, and the most important reason was this: no square centimeter of my skin would have been in the open air – we remind you that even my face would have been under several layers of make-up – and we could never put it on alone, unless we put a big zipper along my back, which would not have been very discreet and aesthetics. From CosSuits you get the best info now.

In this kind of events, it is very quickly hot, it must be well hydrated and aerate, otherwise, discomfort is quickly arrived. Even if you can breathe freely, your skin does not breathe, and it’s just as dangerous as wearing a full face mask covering your nose and mouth. If, however, you choose a costume that will cover you completely, consider taking a break around every hour, and try to find a place where you can take off your costume at least partially like cloakrooms or toilets, for example.

The last essential point of a cosplay: the roleplay!

black widow cosplay

As we told you at the beginning of this article, playing your character is a key element, and most importantly, it’s the most fun part. If you are a regular at the conventions, you have probably crossed the famous Jack Sparrow that never works right or those Power Rangers who take the break every ten steps. Each cosplay is unique, each character has special mimics or language tics and if you want to stick to your character, do not hesitate to walk the aisles playing your character. Of course, this should not stop you from making your purchases or participating in the animations, but if you decide to try yourself at amateur cosplay contests, it will earn you extra points! And then, what would all those efforts do if you did not benefit?
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When everything is ready, put on a suit and look in the mirror. Do you look like your character? If not, identify the reasons and make the necessary changes. The question of similarity and necessary changes is best asked by your friend or another person whom you trust. Ask him to be as honest as possible.