baby cosplay costume

Japan launches adult version of baby cosplay costume

The Japanese secondary culture is very popular in Japan, so a large number of secondary loyalty powders were born. They refreshed our horizons by using their own hobbies and behaviors. This includes cosplay. As one of the most slippery countries to play cosplay, Japan has never missed the wonders, and the brains of the wonderful people are simply unimaginable. Recently, in order to cater to the tastes of a large number of cosers in Japan, a Japanese clothing brand deliberately launched an adult version of the baby COS clothing, the appearance of this clothing once again let netizens get rid of the chin, and more netizens shouted : What else is the Japanese can’t think of?


The brand that launched this COS clothing is called MOIRA DESIGN, and the original inspiration for this costume is from the baby’s clothing. The designer aims to break the barrier between the adult and the baby, so that the coser can shoot the most restored works. The designer who designed this COS clothing is a Japanese designer called Squatter.

baby cosplay costume

This baby COS suit has a total of three colors to choose from, the fans are mostly princess cute, the sky blue is innocent, lively style, and the black system is full of mysterious feeling. The design of the clothing uses the combination of home clothes and maids. The classical baby hat and the kawaii bow are popular elements. According to the designer, this clothing can not only cos, but also When pajamas are worn, it is really a duality.

baby cosplay costume

What is even more surprising is that this COS clothing is also equipped with an adult-sized pacifier, which is truly a humanistic care everywhere. We have deeply felt the designer’s good intentions. In addition, because the clothing faces all customers, there are three choices of S, M, and XXXL. From the design of the size, we can know that men can also wear this dress.

baby cosplay costume

As the saying goes, there will be a market for demand, and this piece of clothing that is very strange to us has immediately become one of the hottest designs in Japan, and the pre-orders have risen and risen. To be honest, I think that the order to buy these clothes should be really male. After all, the power of the Japanese otaku was seen by our own eyes.

Japan launched an adult version of baby cosplay costume, netizen commented: What else is the Japanese can not think of.

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